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A Shampoolio Experience
4312 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA • 90029
Famed hairdresser to the stars, Hollywood TV personality and fashion guru Julio Romano has drawn from the many creative influences of his past to create a whole new haircare experience in the heart of Hollywood. His groundbreaking salon is called “A Shampoolio Experience” (located at 4312 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA) and his new handcrafted organic beauty product line, called “Shampoolio” promise to send your hair, your skin and your senses to places you never dreamed of. Experience it for yourself.

Los Angeles native Julio Romano was raised by gypsies, tramps and freaks. The son of a 60’s hippie mom and a preacher father, Julio grew up in a collective that included a myriad of brothers, sisters, his music producer stepfather, as well as a diverse and constant assortment of characters coming and going, which included such luminaries as Donna Summer, Devo and Al Jarreau.

While in high school, it was Julio’s mother that first gave him the inspiration for his beauty concoctions. She taught him to create scented candles and lip balms over the kitchen stove and lit his creative spirit.

Shortly after finishing high school, Julio immersed himself in Hollywood fashion culture, by taking a job at the Fred Segal Women's Store working for John Eshaya. There, he learned everything there was to know about sizes, fabrics and washes.

However, it was a chance encounter with Louis Licari, a famous hairdresser, that set Julio on his path to hairdressing stardom. Licari saw in Julio the talent and potential for excellence in hair artistry, and suggested he enroll in beauty school. There, Julio fell in love with styling, and the rest is history.

After conquering beauty school, Julio grabbed his scissors, and quickly went to work at the prestigious Estilo Salon, working with the best of the best hairdressers in Hollywood, including Philip Carreon, Teddy Antolin, Robert Ramos, Juvencio Jimenez, Chris McMillan, Carrie White and Fredrick Fekkai.

15 years in the trenches of salons and photoshoots gave Julio the title of Sensei in the Art of Hair and War in Hollywood. He now proudly passes on his expertise to his clients in his own salon, “The Shampoolio Experience” and has used the techniques learned from years with his mother to create his own delicately handcrafted organic haircare product line called “Shampoolio!”